What are banks:

Banks are additional storage that can be accessed from a safe. All safes are linked together meaning a player can place an item in one bank, then remove it from another. Each player has their own personal storage which only they can access.


How to Setup a bank:

Setting up a new bank is as easy as just placing a safe (obtained through creative mode).

How to use a bank:

Right click on a safe to open the bank storage. Anything placed in the safe can only be accessed by you. All safes (even across worlds *this will change in a future update) will store the same contains.


How to increase a bank's space:

You can increase the amount of storage your bank has. To do so additional storage must be purchased by a Banker NPC (see NPC's for instructions on how to setup a Banker NPC)
Users start with 9 slots of storage by default.

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