Q: My permissions/economy plugin isn't working!
A: Do you have Vault installed?

Q: How do I disable something?
A: Check your modules.yml cofig file

Q: How do I disable texturepack forcing?
A: In the modules.yml set texturepack to false

Q: My items/blocks look like flint/glass?
A: Update spout to dev versions

Q: Please help me I got this error: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.getspout.spoutapi.material.block.GenericCustomB lock.
A: Update spout to dev versions.

Q: How do I update spout to dev version?
A: Spoutplugin:

Download here: http://get.spout.org/?SpoutPlugin
Place in plugins folder

Launch spoutcraft DON'T login.
Press options.
Select always use latest dev builds.
It will now ask for update.

Q: my blocks and items show up as flint, what should i do?
A: update you spout + spoutcraft to dev versions.
delete your items.yml and your blocks.yml

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