Creating a new NPC:

To create a new npc type the following command:
/rnpc create [name] {npc type}

NPC Types:

Default NPC:

A default NPC is a NPC without a type. They are used mainly for show.


To create a Default NPC, ether use Default as the type field or don't use a type field
(/rnpc create test Default) or (/rnpc create test)

Banker NPC:

Bankers are used to expand a players bank/safe storage.


To create a Banker NPC, use Banker in the type field
(/rnpc create test Banker)
See Banking for more info on Banks//

Quester NPC:

Questers are NPC's that hand out quests.


To create a Quester NPC, use Quester in the type field
(/rnpc create test Quester)
See Questing for more info on Quests//

Selecting a NPC:

Selecting a NPC can be done in two ways. Through a command or a NPC wand.
To select a NPC by command type /rnpc select [NPC's Name].
To select a NPC by a NPC Wand simply right click a NPC with a NPC Wand active (a NPC Wand can be obtained by creative mode or using the following command: /rnpc wand)

Additional Features:

Removing NPC's:

/rnpc remove Removes the selected NPC

Renaming NPC's:

/rnpc rename Renames the selected NPC

Moving NPC's:

/rnpc move Moves the selected NPC

NPC's Owner:

/rnpc owner {player} Changes the selected NPC's owner

Adding a Skins to NPC's:

/rnpc skin {url} set the selected NPC's skin to {url}

Adding a Capes to NPC's:

/rnpc cape {url} Set the selected NPC's cape to {url}

Adding items to NPC's:

/rnpc item {item id} Give the NPC the chosen item in his hand

Adding Armour to NPC's:

/rnpc armor {armor item id} Let the NPC wear the chosen armor piece

Changing NPC's text:

/rnpc text {text} Set the text of the selected NPC to {text}
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