Creating a new quest

  test:    # This is the quest id
      name: The test quest.    # The display name for the quest
      welcome: Hello.
      between: This quest is accepted but doesn't meet the requirements.  # Incomplete text
      end: Congrats, you have finished "the test quest".  # Completion text
      task: Break a stone block,     place a stone block and  kill a zombie.  # Quest requirements text
    repeatable: true  # Set whether the quest can be repeated
      place:  # quest type
        '1':  # item id
          amount: 1   # amount needed to place
      break:  # quest type
        '1':  # item id
          amount: 1   # amount needed to break
      kill:  # quest type
        zombie:   # mob id
          amount: 1   # amount needed to kill
      '354':  # item id
        amount: 10  # amount given
      xp: 100   # xp given
      Snow Wand:   # custom items can be used
        amount: 1  # amount given

Creating a quester

To create a new quester you type this command:

/rnpc create {name} quester

To give this NPC a quest you type:

/rnpc quest {quest id}

Please note that there will be more quest types in future updates:

  • Crafting
  • Smelting
  • (escorting)
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