Creating a Region:

  1. To create a region you need to have two plugins installed:
  2. Once you installed those two you can select a region using the //wand command to get the selection tool (wooden axe by default, unless changed in the worldedit config).
  3. Left click a block to select point 1.
  4. Right click another block to select point 2Position_selection.png
  5. Use /region define [region name] to define a region to a name.
  6. proceed to the \plugins\RpgEssentials folder on your server and open regions.yml
  7. Make any needed changed to the earlier defined region and save the yml file. (click here for region config help)
  8. use /rpg reload to reload RpgEssentials configs.

Example Config:

You can leave anything out that you don't want to use.
     examplename:  #name of region
         message: message #message shown when entering region
         submessage: submessage
         iconId: 264  #item/block data value(this is diamond)
         music:  #url of music played when entering this region
         repeat: true #Should the music be repeated when in the region?
         time: 1:01 #enter the exact time int (hours:)(mins:)secs (bukkit will automatically edit 1:01 into 61 seconds)
         texturepack: #url of the texturepack shown when entering this region
         command: rpg help #command to be performed when entering this region
         fog: far  #fog level that's set when entering region
         message: message
         submessage: submessage
         iconId: 264
         repeat: true
         time: 1:01
         command: rpg help
         fog: far

Uses for regions:

Custom entry and exit messages can be added to a region. This can be used to notify the client of each area he/she is entering. These messages can be given custom icons.

Custom music can be played on entry and exit of a region. Music will be downloaded to the client from a defined url source.

time: #moreinforequired

texture pack:
A custom texture pack can be applied on entry and exit of a region. The texture pack will be downloaded to the client from a defined url source.

A pre-defined command can be executed on entry and exit of a region. This can be used to simply display a help menu, spawn a mob or change the weather.

The fog level can be set to force a client to see what you want them to. Give a forest a gloomy look or a far view of a wide open desert.

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